Usage instructions of Applications Programming Interface for Geographic Information
  1. The contents provided by the Applications Programming Interface for Geographic Information (hereinafter referred to as “API”) is copyright protected. The Macao Special Administrative Region Government is the copyright owner of all materials contained in API. Any illegitimate reproduction, modification, distribution, publication or providing these materials to the public, or using any materials for commercial purposes is prohibited, unless authorization is obtained in advance from the Cartography and Cadastre Bureau (hereinafter referred to as "DSCC"). For any inquiries of reproduction demand or copyright information, please contact DSCC.
  2. Rights are reserved by DSCC for any inspection, maintenance, deletion, suspension, publication and modification of the contents of API services on a regular or irregular basis without prior notice. DSCC is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, sudden or consequential damage caused by service interruption.
  3. Users have to purchase billing units in advance to use the API. The usage period is one year from the date of purchase, and no refunds can be applied after the purchase is completed. In the case of multiple purchases, the usage period of all billing units is one year from the date of the last purchase.
  4. Users can check the balance of the free billing units for the current month and the purchase billing units through the API management platform. After the free billing units of the current month are used up, the purchase billing units will be deducted to maintain the service.
  5. Users can obtain related service links and the security key (Token), and can update the security key (Token) as needed through the API management platform. Users should always pay attention and check the security of relevant security key. DSCC is not liable for any compensation on any damages or losses such as the deduction of the free billing units or purchase billing units from the theft of the security key.
  6. Users must truthfully fill in the application purpose of the API, and fill in the corresponding system information in the API management platform within the specified period. If the relevant system is found to be inconsistent with the application purpose or used for illegal purposes, DSCC reserves the right to suspend or terminate the provision of related services.
  7. For the reasons of public interest, DSCC reserves the right to suspend or terminate the provision of API services.
  8. Information provided by API is used for reference only and has no legal effects. Confirmation with the relevant public organizations or entities is necessary whenever users are about to access this information.
  9. The map information provided by API is synthetically processed. The accuracy of the information is only sufficiently to be used as research reference and might not be a proper statement for users in any action. DSCC has no juridical responsibility for any consequences on using such information. For more applicable information on engineering design and construction, please send your request to DSCC.
  10. DSCC has endeavored to ensure the accuracy of the contents provided by API, however, DSCC will not provide any guarantee and commitment for such information and materials contained in API.
  11. Any disputes or litigation arising from the use of the contents of API will be governed by the relevant laws of the Macao Special Administrative Region and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Macao Special Administrative Region. By using the API indicates that users agree and accept the applicable laws and jurisdiction.
  12. The source of the data must be indicated when using the API information, the Chinese “澳門特別行政區政府地圖繪製暨地籍局”, the Portuguese “Governo da Região Administrativa Especial de Macau - Direcção dos Serviços de Cartografia e Cadastro” or the English “Macao Special Administrative Region Government - Cartography and Cadastre Bureau”.
  13. For any update to the pricing method and the usage instruction of API, DSCC will publish through the website and indicate the update date.
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