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* The email address will be used to login to the management platform of the Applications Programming Interface for Geographic Information.
^ DSCC has to evaluate the application according to the purpose of the application, which cannot be modified after the assessment is completed.
@ In order to guarantee the rationalization of the resources of the Applications Programming Interface for Geographic Information, DSCC has the right to request the applicants to provide other information for the purpose of assessment.
# The name and link of the system must be provided within 6 months after the approval of the application, otherwise the Bureau has the right to suspend the use of the application; if the provided system is found to be inconsistent with the application purpose or used for illegal purposes, DSCC has the right to suspend or terminate the required servic

Declaration of personal information collection

According to the "Personal Data Protection Law":

  1. The personal data provided in this form will be used for processing the application.
  2. Based on fulfilling statutory obligations, the above information may also be transferred to other authorized entities.
  3. In accordance with the law, data holders may request for access and rectification of the personal data provided.